9 de novembro de 2014

Hi guys! So once again I failed at posting on my blog. No surprise, I haven't got a computer for 2 months. So I obviously don't have a way to upload photos, only with my telephone which isn't my favorite thing to do, but I will try! Anyway, I have still been very active on my instagram @thevoiceoffashion so if you want to, follow me on there. 

Top Beauty Products #1

9 de agosto de 2014

So for our first Top Beauty Products post we have some lovely and girly items. From a vintage packaging to very girly pink ones, some lace styled powders and glitters! I can't wait to start making beauty videos explaining about some of my favorite products and make tutorials for all of those who always say I have nice makeup. But I will leave this posts nice and short! I wish I had all of this in my purse.

What I would wear #3

5 de agosto de 2014


This is what I would wear just chilling on a couch reading my book. If you don't know yet I'm obsessed with succulents and I spend my days in a Garden Center (Giga Garden), so every time I go in there, the first thing I do is check if there are any new one's. Also, the Coconut Body Moisturizer is so good for your body! It hasn't got nothing that's at least harmful for my body and I can use it up to 3 times a day. I hope everyone is liking these "What I Would Wear" posts, I really like them cause instead of making looks, I can simply show this way what I would wear with the items I don't even have in my wardrobe (I wish I had!). 

What i would wear #2

2 de agosto de 2014

14/365 by thevoice-offashion featuring a leather purse

This is what I would wear if I was able to go to the beach and relax the whole day. I miss the touch of the sea and laying in the sand while I look like a weirdo. It's true, I love to come out of the water and role into the sand as if I were a dog, don't ask me why, but it's just one more reason to take one more swim into the ocean! Honestly I wouldn't need the Surf Spray by Bumble and Bumble because my hair is already super wavy and this spray won't have any effect, but if you are planning on going to the beach and not going into the water, and maybe have a more straight hair then me (or you straightened it), then this will give you the ultimate beach look! Details of everything below:

1. Floral and fruit-print bandeau bikini by DOLCE & GABBANA (here)
2. Cat Eye Fashion Sunglasses by ZEROUV (here)
3. Sandales salomé bicolores by Espirit (here)
4. AERIN Beach Cream by AERIN (here)
5. Surf Styling Spray by BUMBLE & BUMBLE (here)
6. Leather Bag (SOLD OUT) by Shopmrsh

Introducing Sheinside

7 de junho de 2014

1 (photo from Banging Fashion), 2, 3
4, 5, 6

So finally my school year is almost over! I'm off from school and now only have two exams to make on the end of June. And what's better then getting your summer wardrobe ready after 9 months of studying? NOTHING! That's why I want to show you this shop, that most of you must already know. Obviously I'm talking about Sheinside! Sheinside was one of the web's first online stores and has been helping the fashion-conscious look fabulous since 2008. Based in China, Sheinside offers the latest street style dresses, coats, boots and much more. I chose some of my favorite items to show you. The first one is a bralet, the photo is from Bárbara from the blog Banging Fashion, the second one is a floral crop top which has a cut out back, and the last one of the row is a white crop tank. Second row I chose to show you a floral blazer, because who doesn't need a nice and bright blazer to use on a cold summer night? Second one, had to be a coat, I love them and I couldn't leave it out of my choices! And last but not least, a neon blazer which every girl hasto have in her closet this summer! I hope you like this kind of posts and if you want more, say so because I have many more to show to you! x

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